For all three plans:

There's no charge for our first phone or email consultation. A $65 one-time fee will be charged to set up your plan.

You are just beginning or want help completing a writing project.

Because so much depends on how quickly we can smooth out any problems in your writing process, the time frame of my work with people varies widely. If you only want to work on your process or what has been holding you back, that could take just a few sessions with some follow-up sessions later.

If you want to complete a writing project working together, we will estimate the time needed together. I charge:

  • $65 an hour for phone or in-person time.
  • $55 an hour for any reading and feedback time.

Before we begin, we'll work out a plan, pinning down goals and how long we'll work together to accomplish them.

You have some finished writing or a completed manuscript.

If you're interested in working with me, I will have you send me your plan and 5-10 pages of your writing. I charge:

  • $65 one-time fee to read your work, and to speak with you by phone about how we might work together.
  • $55 an hour for reading and giving written feedback by email on individual pieces of writing or a manuscript.
  • $65 an hour for any phone or in-person consultations.

After we agree on a plan and a time-frame, I'll ask for:

  • half of the total charges up front and
  • the second half on the completion of our work.

Because this is an estimate, if the writing needs more work than we originally anticipate (for example, detailed line-by-line editing), or if you complete rewrites and want additional feedback on them, we'll discuss and agree on any additional time and fees.

Plan 3:
An alternative plan that we set up together.

Contact me and we can design an alternative plan that better fits your needs.

My schedule is flexible, so I can shape our work time together—a combination of email, phone, and, possibly, in-person consultations—to coincide with your needs.

Other Additional Fees and Details

I will discuss with you any postage, copy, or phone costs before I bill you for them.

If you live in the Twin Cities area, and choose to work with me on-line, my reading and critiquing fees would be the same $55 an hour.

Although I charge $65 an hour for phone or in-person consultations, it has been my experience that we can accomplish much more and much faster by speaking in this direct way.

However, it is useful to talk directly at least once to discuss my written summary of your work. If you live in the Twin Cities area, we can talk by phone or choose a location to meet that is convenient for both of us.

If you want a less in-depth read-through, I'll propose a plan and an appropriate fee.

If you have only a limited amount of money to spend, I'll present a plan of what I think we can accomplish in that amount of time.

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Jill Breckenridge is available for readings of her poetry or memoir, and talks on various other topics about writing and publishing. You may contact Jill through this website.