I have successfully coached writers in all fields of creative, academic, business, and technical writing.

We will start by examining your process to clear away any obstacles hampering fluent, effective, efficient writing. Then, I can help you begin or complete a literary, personal or family memoir; other non-fiction writing; or a poetry manuscript.

I will assist you in academic writing as well, such as preparing applications and writing samples for an undergraduate or graduate program. I've also helped students complete writing requirements for college or graduate school.

If you think my skills might fit your needs, please contact me by phone or email, and we can talk.


Depending on where you are in your writing project, I am very flexible in how we can work together.

Below are three ways we might proceed:

If you are just starting or need help completing a writing project.

We will make dates for a month ahead to talk by phone or in person (if you live in or around the Twin Cities area), or a combination of both.

If it helps you to keep writing, we'll set a certain number of pages that you'll send me every week. As soon as I read them, I will talk with you by phone about these pages, share my insights, and suggest ideas for expansion or direction.

At the end of four weeks, we'll evaluate where you are, and make a joint decision about continuing on.

If you have completed some writing or an entire manuscript, and you want feedback on that:

I'll have you send me a plan for our work together, and 5-10 pages of your work. If it seems like we're a good fit, we'll then agree on a plan.

I'll read your manuscript over for content, ideas, themes and language. Then, I'll go through it a second time making detailed margin notes.

You will receive a written summary by email of my evaluation of the strengths in your writing and suggestions for the work remaining to be done.

After you receive and read my evaluation, we'll have a follow-up consultation by telephone. If further questions occur to you later, I'll be happy to speak with you again.

If neither of these two plans work for you, we can design an alternative plan that better fits your needs.

My schedule is flexible, so I can shape our work time together—a combination of email, phone, and, possibly, in-person consultations—to coincide with your needs.

Don't wait any longer to get the help you need. There's no better time to get started than now.

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Jill Breckenridge is available for readings of her poetry or memoir, and talks on various other topics about writing and publishing. You may contact Jill through this website.