My work is totally focused around what you want to change in your life. I will help you find the courage to identify and set personal goals. Together, we will dismantle whatever roadblocks from the past are keeping you from action, achievement, balance, and empowerment.

I will accompany you on this personal journey, encouraging you to step onto the path you choose and to stay on course. I will assume whatever stance is most helpful to you, being alternately supportive, tough, compassionate—even pushy—in order to keep you on track and honest in your process.

We'll find an occasion to laugh often, since humor helps us take ourselves lightly. It also moves the process along more quickly.

Our collaboration will be dynamic and inspiring, as you invest in your own important future—which, of course, is now...

My fee for our work together is $75 an hour.

Jill Breckenridge is available for readings of her poetry or memoir, and talks on various other topics about writing and publishing. You may contact Jill through this website.