Praise for Jill Breckenridge

"Jill Breckenridge is an amazing teacher of writing. Her years of experience as both writer and teacher and her intuitive ability to help others turn the blank page into a page filled with possibility are astonishing gifts. Jill is both supportive and inspiring, a great combination. She knows writing is serious, but she has a sense of humor and playfulness, too. We are lucky to have her among us as teacher, magician, and guide. I recommend her to anyone at the point in their writing process when they need help and aren't sure where to turn."

Jim Moore, Poet, Teacher

"In early retirement, using Jill's professional, proven and pleasantly applied coaching skills, I have written and published a family/business memoir. More importantly, in the process, I came to believe that, indeed, I may have more to discover. Jill teaches more than the art of good writing."

James E. Sorenson, Retired NWA Pilot

"Many times through the years I have known Jill Breckenridge as a teacher and writing colleague. I have felt the force of her powerful instructional techniques. Not only have I attended her workshops, but I have also experienced one-to-one feedback from her on my own writing. As a writer and teacher of writing myself, I have learned so much from her—her critiques are honest, straightforward, and helpful. And always they are filled with grace, humor, and compassion."

Phebe Hanson, Poet, Memoirist, Teacher

"It's true that everybody needs an editor. I was lucky and found a great one. Jill taught me that constructing a sentence is a strategic exercise, and the pay-off is precision and impact. That tool I could not have acquired without her close attention to my work. I really think I will be a much better writer because Jill showed me what is possible."

Jim Newman, Fiction Writer

"Jill Breckenridge is a gifted writing coach. The combination of her professional training in counseling and lifelong experience as a writer of prose and poetry herself make her uniquely positioned to help writers through difficulties. She understands the broad range of issues that impact writers, whether the concern is within the text itself or in the writer. She brings knowledge, wisdom, and a great compassion to her work with artists."

— A published poet*

"I found myself stalled in my writing process, going through a slew of changes and losses in my life. I had put together a second collection of poetry but wasn't satisfied with it. I engaged Jill to coach me through a major revision of the work at hand, and got so much more from our collaboration than I anticipated. I broke through blocks, deepened older work, and created a number of new pieces the manuscript sorely needed. The process of working with Jill jump-started me and helped me take leaps in my poetry I'd been eyeing for a very long time."

Liz Abrams-Morley, Poet, Teacher

* Clients who work with Jill will remain anonymous unless they choose otherwise